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Whiteboard is a tool for creating visual content with a pen, a whiteboard, and drawing. A process where a creative story and storyboard with pictures is drawn on a whiteboard (or something that resembles a whiteboard) by artists who record themselves in the process of their artwork. It is used to communicate messages in a unique way.

The term whiteboard animation comes from the process of someone drawing on a whiteboard and recording it. The actual effect is a time-lapse or sometimes stop-motion. Other terms are video scribing and animated doodling…

Businesses, organisations and charities can choose this video genre over other video genre as their style of choice to connect with a wider audience to advance their message, promote their products, services etc.

Whiteboard videos are becoming more and more popular. They’re quirky and fun and will certainly appeal to your viewers. Couple that with an excellent voiceover, then you’ll have a great video. Are you looking for a whiteboard video that explains / informs viewers what your product, service etc. is? This type of video could be ideal for you and your business.