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Use online video to turn a static website into a dynamic, interactive destination. People expect to access internet content more and more easily with their computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc. using Google, YouTube and other search engines. So add videos to your website or social media channels and reach your audience.

Ace of Spades Films specialise in producing professional videos that are ideal for online marketing. We can provide everything you need to produce your videos including developing a script, providing voice over talent or actors and providing background music.

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We can also help you to get your videos online. We can assist you to set up a video channel. Video is an integral part of online marketing, and we can enable you to take advantage of video marketing.

We create powerful, lasting impressions with web video to help you increase sales, introduce a new product, and connect with customers and prospects. A video represents an excellent investment in marketing any company or organisation can make.

Online Video Marketing

Powerful, lasting impressions with web video

Why Web Video?

• A recent study by Forrester Research found that videos were 53 times more likely to generate a first-page Google ranking.

• According to DigitalSherpa, “80% of your online visitors will watch a video while only 20 percent will read content in its entirety.

An online video allows you to engage with your audience far more effectively than text or still images and gives your message a higher degree of credibility.   Below is a modern , dynamic and stylish slideshow. This  video is suitable for any company,  photography business, portfolio and promo presentation or event: 

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• With Video Search Engine Optimisation, you can dramatically increase traffic to your site.
• To promote new products or services, you’re selling online
• Include promo codes with your videos to reward viewers
• Use video to notify customers of special discounts
• Presents a stunning on-line presence that will delight your customers
• Captures Attention – creates great brand recognition
• Studio-quality videos will have customers contacting you
• Visual Examples are easier to understand

Contact Ace of Spades Films to get your web video made and to ensure it is very effective as a marketing tool by utilising search engine optimisation opportunities for it. The key to this is to put videos on multiple platforms to ensure that you can reach the maximum number of people 24/7.

Effective Video Marketing onMultiple Platforms

Effective Video Marketing on Multiple Platforms

For every successful video that’s made to cater for our clients, there are thousands of lonely videos gathering virtual dust on unwatched YouTube channels. Ace of Spades Films makes sure you don’t end up in that second category.