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“Increase conversions 3x with video!” eMarketer, ComScore , 2014


We know how hard you’ve worked to develop your brand and we know it makes you unique. We will work with you to produce content that separates you from the rest. If you’ve got an image to build, a vision to share, or a story to tell, give Ace of Spades Films a call. 

In the video below we show you how our robots hands can open a sphere to reveal your company logo or if you don’t want the logo we can make it open to a very short video clip instead.  This is great for companies in the mechanical or industrial industries.

A branded motion graphics-driven video is suitable for customising for any business – general advertisements, company profiles, invitations, presentations and more.

Explainer whiteboard video animation is ideal for any business.

Does your company need more more brand/product/service recognition? Is your message being heard?

Customers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a whiteboard style video than any other type of video.

Ace of Spades Films can create a great whiteboard video for your company. Video production is one of the several marketing tools used to promote and create awareness of a product, service or business. Marketing a product well is vital for any promotional campaign. There are many ways of marketing and getting a product recognised and remembered. Video is a great asset for that.