Kinetic Typography Animated Video

Kinetic typography is animated text. It turns static text into more expressive text by means of animated fonts.

Kinetic typography or motion typography, the technical name for “moving text”, refers to the art and technique of expression with animated text. It is a video animation technique of mixing motion and text to communicate ideas. It is usually accompanied by corresponding speech.

It involves the use of animated words with graphics. Flying, floating, growing, expanding, turning characters, can be really convincing and engaging.

Words have great power, and one can increase their impact by making use of unusual presentation. Visual appeal adds expressiveness to any content and makes it emotive. To amplify your projects, add dynamics to them. Make use of kinetic typography videos as seen below.

The power of kinetic typography as a medium for expression can’t be overestimated. Using it in communicating your business ideas, you make the viewers hang on every word.

Kinetic typography is a powerful tool for emphasizing messages on one’s website or on one’s social media channels.


  • Can be created quite quickly
  • Has great, flexible capability to communicate the client’s message
  • Communicate with professional clean slides
  • Engage viewers with slick animations
  • Include customer testimonials