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Shop while you watch

One half of 25-49 year olds share a video on-line. Now imagine that’s a promo video of your cool new product/s. And imagine the product can be sold right away, within the video. While the user is watching the promo video.

We have the solution for you.

Would you like to have an “E-commerce shop while you watch” video to enhance sales opportunities for your business? Market any service, generate more leads, and increase product sales with Ace of Spades Films’ video platform.  Contact us today to find out more about these great sales and marketing opportunities for your business. Our E-commerce Shop While You Watch demo below:

Shop While You Watch Video

Let your prospects browse and shop without ever leaving your video and make it easier for them to buy.

“Shop While You Watch” videos are valued by companies keen to increase their sales. Big name brands  e.g. Target, The Gap, Mattel, Allstate Insurance, Lamborghini are now using this technology.

Ace of Spades Films is making this powerful marketing tool available to businesses in Ireland.

The Ace of Spades Films’ video platform that we use can boost sales through immediacy. While your visitors are watching your videos, they also see scrollable pictures of samples, sales text and buy links right on the video. If they like the demo or sales presentation, they can immediately click the embedded buy form.

Statistics show that a bigger percentage of viewers  complete a purchase when they have the opportunity to complete the purchase as the video is showing.

The video player platform that we use automatically resizes videos based on the viewer’s screen size. It’s ideal for any device.

Encourage viewers to learn more and buy your product or service right away.

  • A horizontal video marketing display which shows as the video also plays
  • Branding of the video with the company’s logo and colours
  • Addition of links to the company’s social media channels

The horizontal video display feature allows for up-selling and cross selling experiences without the buyer having to leave your sales page.  The longer the prospects remain on your page, the more likely your business will increase sales.

All of the features can be customised.  These “Shop While You Watch” videos can be created for any business and be set up with a shopping cart and payment system. This will result in  more sales which is a win-win situation for all.